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My warm thanks go to Jane Brunning and the staff from the Denbighshire Record Office for their assistance over a number of years and to the Denbighshire County Archivist and the Plas Power estate for permission to publish online transcriptions of documents from the Plas Power MSS. The Masters of the Bench of the Inner Temple and the Bodleian Library have graciously granted their permission to publish the transcriptions from the Petyt MSS and Rawlinson MSS respectively.

This website has been a joint enterprise and I am most grateful to all those who helped overcome the problems that have beset the project. Particular thanks go to the other project members, Drs Tim Duguid and Paul Parvis. Tim designed the webpages, contributed the chronology from his own historical research and gave research assistance. Drawing upon his long experience of Latin translation, Paul undertook the transcriptions and translations into English of the Latin documents. Dr Jamie Reid –Baxter has most kindly provided a translation from the Latin of the ‘Tinoterius’ letter. Having been fortunate to discover the Goodman Letter Book in the Plas Power MSS, I developed the project and have transcribed the letters written in English. I am also grateful to other colleagues in the School of Divinity who provided additional assistance and to the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy for grants to investigate aspects of the Marian Exile and to the Alec Cheyne Trust for a grant to create this website.

Jane Dawson,
School of Divinity,
University of Edinburgh